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Can you tell me where to find Sledgehammer?

Sledgehammer is available at select stores throughout the country. You can use our Store Locator to find a store near you. Or, you can order Sledgehammer online at

I’m a vegan, and I’m looking for a reco for a great vegan dish that pairs well with Sledgehammer?

Keep looking, dude. We have no idea what kind of wine pairs well with your tofu and kale dish.

OK, so I’m kind of new to wine. Can you help me understand the differences among your varieties?

Sure. In the simplest terms: Forged Red is a red blend that goes well with any red meat and any occasion. Cabernet Sauvignon is for celebrating stuff (b-day, promotion, fantasy football win, etc.). Malbec is for when you’re eating BBQ, spicy foods, or feeling like a cowboy. And Zinfandel is really strong, bad ass wine when you want to kick things up a notch.

Hi! My name is Amber, and I have a bachelorette party this weekend. Any wine recommendations?

We recommend that the bachelor and his buddies have an ample supply of Sledgehammer Zinfandel.

I have meat. I need wine.

Ok, not really a question, but we can help. See, many so-called “wine enthusiasts” buy their wine and then select a dish to match. That’s the “tail wagging the dog” in our book. The Sledgehammer Man has his priorities straight. If you have meat, you can find the perfect complement using our Meat Map tool.

When will Sledgehammer launch a nice sparkling Rosé?

About the same time we decide to target the obnoxious sorority girl market; or, said another way, never.

Has Sledgehammer been rated? I only drink wines that have been endorsed by people who know more about wine than I do.

Sure, we’ve gotten some decent marks by the wine graders. Which isn’t bad considering we were drinking wine when we took the test.

I feel like your communication is offensive to wine snobs.

At Sledgehammer, we believe good wine should be enjoyed, nothing more. All of the BS that comes with wine idolatry – the sniffing, swirling, analyzing – we just don’t think it makes the wine taste better. So, you’re spot on in your observation.

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